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The Courier-Gazette, April 11, 2002

Marine program scheduled Sunday

FRIENDSHIP—Underwater photographer and filmmaker Nick Caloyianis will present a slide show of marine images, "Sharks and Treasures," 7 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Hahn Community Center.

From a beginning as a coldwater diver and biology graduate student, Caloyianis apprenticed for several years in Mexico with filmmaker Ramon Bravo, perfecting his craft with 16mm and 35mm formats.

Shortly after founding his own production company in 1977, he formed an alliance with Peter Gimble and was selected as a cameraman on the historic 1981 film expedition "Andrea Doria: The Final Chapter."

Shipwrecks were featured in many of his other films— "Bikini: Forbidden Paradise" for ABC television, and National Geographic classics—but he also pursued natural history subject matter ranging from hump back whales in Hawaii to orca whales off Norway to coral reefs in the Red Sea and the South Pacific. He has filmed footage of the Greenland shark under the ice in the Arctic and rare shark-mating behavior in the Gulf of Mexico. He has more than 30 National Geographic documeataries to his credit.

Most recentiy, Caloyianis and his partner, Clarita Berger, filmed and produced the award winning "Realm of the Lobster," which has aired on The Discovery Channel (

Sunday's slide show is hosted by The Lobster Consersrancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining a thriving lobster fishery through science and community (

For more inforniatioa, call the conservancy at 832-8224.


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