Unit/Task Title:Postcard to Mom Grade Level:5-8 Course(s):Language Arts and Science Author:Kerrie O'Donnell
Content Area(s) addressed in this unit/task:
English Language Arts Science
Content Standards and Performance Indications.
These standards refer to the Maine Learning Results:

S+T: A3, B4, B5
Guiding Principles taught and assessed in this unit:
Assessment criteria (how will you know when they know):
Students will accurately describe the changes a lobster larvae goes through as it develops from hatching, through three larval stages to settlement.
Lesson Description:
Imagine that you are one of the lobster larvae that is growing up in our classroom …

You are far from your mother and you are writing her a postcard to tell her about all the changes you’ve been going through since you left her.

On the blank side of the postcard draw her a picture of what you look like. She misses you and needs to be reminded.

On the back, describe the changes your body has gone through. Would she recognize you if she saw you now? Describe what you’ve been eating, seeing, touching, tasting, what you’re feeling, and any exciting events you’ve lived through.

Use 5 of the following words or phrases below in your writing:

  • brine shrimp, classroom, grow, metamorphosis, students, molt, cannibal, claws, shed, larvae, salinity, ammonia, kriesel, dip net temperature, transparent, microscope, good swimmer, bad swimmer, red, ice cube tray, lobster, superman, white tips, eyes, brownish green.
Other evidence to be collected that will insure understanding:
Feedback given to students:
What are the essential questions?
Opportunities for integrated technology - web resources:
Drawings of larval Stages
What will insure understanding?
Time neeeded to complete unit:
Resources needed:
Paper, markers or crayons or colored pencils
Downloadable materials:
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